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What Is Web Hosting? And Different Types of Hosting

What Is Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a type of service that lets an organization or an individual to launch a website or a webpage on the internet platform. The web host supports the individual or the organization that is planning to post their page on the platform with adequate technology.

A hosting provider provides a space for the website, and space is a server that is a separate computer. The hosting requires storing all the files and images related to the site. No matter what kind of website you visit every day, but you need to know that it is hosted.  There are different types of hosting, and the types primarily depend on the space that is allocated for a particular site.

So, you can say that web hosting is a kind of process that deals with renting space to other websites. Often some websites buy the space for their website from a web host. The server that stores contents like images, HTML, and CSS is needed to be visible online. So, let’s talk about what a server is to go deep into hosting.

What is a server?

A server is a computer that helps to connect web users all across the world in a thread. The web hosting providers own servers, and along with that, they provide connectivity to the clients’ websites.

Usually, a web hosting service provider offers numerous plans related to hosting a site. The plans are designed based on the size of the site, aspect of hosting, size of the organization, etc.

What is the importance of web hosting?

While we are talking about web hosting, it is important to why a website requires to be hosted. Every business website wants a prominent presence online. Without hosting, it is very hard to be visible on a crowded platform. There are a few reasons that you need to learn as an important reason to host your website.

Improving the loading time

While someone is visiting a website, the person will prefer a site that will not take much time to load. No one on the internet expects a business site to be amateur, so a sluggish site will put the audience off. If the visitors get bored off the loading time, then your site’s bounce rate will increase, and it will be hard for you to convert the audience. 

Improve the downtime

A reliable hosting service will protect the site if it goes down. It will help to recover the customers of your website, and you will not lose your revenue. 

SEO ranking

The success of a website depends on SEO ranking. The web host makes sure that your website gets the attention of the search engine so that your website remains at the top of the search list.

A slow site will not get the attention of the search engine. That is the reason hosting is important, as that will improve the speed of the website. If the site is a business website, then one needs to spend money to get an accurate ranking. 

Taking care of the security

The hosting bolsters the security of the site. A hosting server protects the IP address of the site. This is the way a web host protect the classified information, and you can enable HTTPs on the site.

The host provides Secure Socket Layers or SSL, which means the information will be automatically encrypted, and no one can decipher it.

Website backup

While you are running a business online, you need to take care of the site by keeping a backup of the data.

It is hard to on your own, and that is the reason you need a web host who will take care of the data of your website so that you can retrieve those if anything goes wrong with your website. 

Providing constant support

Having a web host means having constant support for your online business. A web host can tackle any kind of issue that may happen online. You may face issues regarding the domain, and that may lead to loss of information and data related to the site. But, as the server has the entire backup, so you will be able to fix it. 

A reliable web hosting takes care of everything beforehand so that you make face loss related to your online business. Hosting can fix any kind of disruption from data loss to receding SEO ranking. These are the reasons that an organization should opt for web hosting regardless of the size of the business.

How does hosting work?

The basic way of web hosting is to store the data and information from a local computer to a server. The data and information are essential for a website. That is the reason they are stored as a backup. The RAM or hard drive of a server is used to store all the important files. However, the division of the server may change with the type of space a site is taking.

If you are wondering how you will choose the space for your website, then you need to know that it completely depends on how fast you want your business to grow. For example, one can rent an entire space for their website. So, you need to determine your needs first, and to understand how hosting works, you need to learn about different types of hosting.

Types of hosting

Shared hosting 

As the name suggests, space is shared by more than one site. It is like a busy workstation where more than one company has its office. It is very popular for smaller sites because sharing space costs less, but your website will be hosted.

Best Share Hosting Provider:

VPS hosting

It is a little better than shared hosting, as most of the medium size organizations opt for such kind of hosting. It is a type of shared hosting, but the users are separated from each other by VPS or a virtual private server. In such hosting, you do not have to be dependent on the other sites in terms of organizing the space.

Best VPS Hosting Providers:

Dedicated server hosting

It is the most premium type of hosting, where one can rent the entire space for the site. This is the reason it is the most expensive kind of hosting.

In most of the cases, the bigger websites opt for such expensive hosting for gaining high performance. The benefit of such hosting is you got the entire space, and you can configure it the way you want to.

Best Dedicated Server Providers:

Cloud hosting

Of late, cloud hosting has become popular in the market. This kind of hosting can provide a better infrastructure as it is done by several interconnected servers.

If you opt for cloud hosting, then you will get reliable bandwidth, an infinite amount of space at a reasonable cost. It is effective to secure a large number of contents of a website. 

Best Cloud Hosting Providers:

Reseller hosting

Best Reseller Hosting Providers:

It is a third-party hosting where an account owner can lend the space to other websites. The original account owner is called the reseller. Several companies opt for such kind of hosting when space is not used up completely, and you can share the space with other websites.

You can share the CPU, bandwidth, or disk space for such hosting. Anyone with multiple domains can opt for such a kind of hosting. 

How to choose a web host?

To choose a web host you need to check the below-mentioned things that are important for every website. 

Bandwidth allocation

You need to choose a host that offers decent bandwidth for transferring the data. Hosting is renting a space and you need to check whether the host is offering ample space that you need. Several hosts offer unlimited bandwidth as well.


Hosts that offer limitless bandwidth often ask for space on your site for covering the cost of the bandwidth. But, some people do not like pop up ads on the site, so you need to decide what kind of thing you want. You can ask for the fine print of adverts that will not look like chaos on the site.

Uptime reliability

A web host has to be reliable, so you need to check that the host is reputed in the market. When it comes to hosting a site that means the host has to be available 24/7 to provide a smooth run to the site. It is necessary to find a host that offers smooth connectivity to the users at any time of the day. 

Upgrade option

While you on the digital medium upgrade is the key to reach to the people. So, the host needs to offer a facility to upgrade the site so that the bounce rate gets decreased. You can also check for the plan that lets you upgrade the work. 

Multiple domain hosting

Some sites use multiple domain names and that is the reason you need to look for a host that offers you multiple domains hosting facilities. You may require extra space for the extra domain name.

Make sure that the host can provide you space. The spate website that is hosted is called an add-on domain. In the cases of shared hosting, the add-on domains are widely used. 

Control panel

You need to have the liberty to manage several aspects of the website. And for that, you need a smooth control panel. You need a web host that offers you a simple dashboard to manage the emails. 


You need to set a budget for web hosting, and as per that, you need to go for the host. It is essential to check what the most affordable web host in the market that is offering budget-friendly service is. 

Lastly, it is essential to check all the above-mentioned things to find an appropriate web host. Web hosting is vital for any kind of website, and that is the reason you need to consider the idea of hosting. There is every type of hosting for every size of business website.


What is bandwidth allocation and how much is required?

Bandwidth is a set of data that is required while one is viewing a website. Once a viewer opens a site some data are transferred and those data are measurable and that is called bandwidth.

The audio, video, and image files require a large number of data that means the bandwidth is longer. Depending on the content of the website the bandwidth is measured. Several web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth. 

What is disk space?

The space that is available to store files for the user is called disk space. The types of files that it can store are image files, video files, HTML files, etc. While files in the storage the size of the files does not change. The amount of space depends on what kind of files a website wants to host. 

What is a domain name?

The actual name of the website is called the domain name. So, every website has a domain name. To get the domain name you need to register your website as domain names are needed to be bought. The domain name is related to an IP address and that is a series of numbers.

What is SSL?

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. It is a type of protocol that enables you to communicate on the internet platform securely. It provides a safe path between the two machines.

SSL is set up when a visitor visits the website and it encrypts the data that is not for the public. The browser displays a padlock sign to show that SSL is working. 

How does a web host backup the data?

The WebHost allows you to back up the data daily on your rented space. The FTP drags the HTML folders on the computer and then copies the files, and emails on the database. If you want to bolster the security of the site you can also opt for a duplicate storage option.

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