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4 Best Online Computer Science Degree Schools In 2021

Best online Computer Science Degree Schools

4 Best online Computer Science degree schools

Computer Scientists are very useful individuals in our world right now and it is not so hard to see why. This is because computer scientists can work as software developers, software programmers, and software engineers.

With the skills they gain, they can provide both theoretical and practical help in building and improving computer programs which people need for their own business. Besides, computer scientists receive above-average salaries for their work just by owning a bachelor’s degree.

This means advancing your degree can get you more knowledge while also improving your salary. Of course, you can always attend a University on a full-time program but many universities offer an online program that can help you acquire a degree or a master’s degree without attending the University the traditional way. 

Online Computer Science Degrees offers you the fundamental skills needed to obtain a job in the field. The skills you can expect to learn include mobile & web development, multiple programming languages, and network communications.

As a result of this, we would be recommending the best Universities that offer the best online computer science degrees. The best thing about these schools is that there is no location restriction which means you can get a degree from the best school you want.

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1- Oregon State University

oregon state university
Image Source oregon state university

Oregon State University offers the best bachelor’s online computer science degree you can earn. Students are required to complete about 60 credits under a curriculum that entails courses such as website development, mobile development, software engineering, and development among other courses. The school also offers a master’s degree to bachelor’s degree holders provided they hold a 2.75 GPA.

They must also meet other requirements the school requires in order to guarantee admission into the school’s online master’s degree program. While the University offers an online degree program for part-time students,  the university’s full-time students study using an accelerated curriculum. This means completing an online degree program takes longer than the traditional degree program. 

2- Florida State University

Florida uinversity
Image Source Florida uinversity

Florida State University offers an online bachelor’s computer science program that helps students build expertise in programming, operating systems, and computer organization. The program offers students the chance to learn and work with different programming languages as well as Assembly Language.

The online program takes up to two years to complete and there are no special requirements for students to fulfill before gaining admission into the school asides the general education requirements needed to earn a computer science degree. 

3- California State University

California State University
Image Source California State University

Students transferring to the school’s online program are required to hold a minimum of 2.0 GPA. The bachelor’s degree takes 24 months to complete and there is an 8-week term schedule.

4- Regis University

Regis University
Image Source Regis University

The online program offered by Regis University requires students to complete 128 to 133 credits. The school also offers students who are interested in a master’s degree in computer science to only complete 152 credits. 

To complete the 128 or 152 credits as the case may be, students can opt to major in any class they want including software engineering, ethical leadership, Computer architecture, Capstone course (master’s degree only), among others. The University’s online program is accredited by ABET – Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology.


All the universities mentioned above offer the best online computer science degree programs without any additional requirements for students to fulfill. Many other universities offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer science all of which you could find on the internet. However, the ones provided above lets you complete the course in the minimum time possible.

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