What Are The Resources You Can Use To Make Money From Blogs

Earn Money From Blogs

Though writing a blog has been considered a modern version of writing a personal diary, now it has evolved itself as a business tool to Make Money From Blogs. 

If such is the power of blogs, it is time for the new blog writers to learn some valuable tips. Read further to know some practical tips and get benefitted.   

Resources for making money from blogs

As a new blog writer, you can now read the following resources by which you can monetize every blog you create. The list of items stated here is not given in any order of importance, and hence you can use all or any of them according to your convenience. Here is the list:

Google AdSense:

This is an excellent resource for a blogger to Make Money From Blogs. By adding a script from Google to the website, a blogger can able to start displaying ads.

You will get income whenever the users click on the Ad, which is referred to as Cost Per Click (CPC) Ads. Undoubtedly, Google AdSense seems to be an excellent avenue to earn money online when a new blogger like you is starting. 

Affiliate marketing through Amazon:

The idea behind affiliate marketing is simple and pretty worth your effort. As a blogger, you need to promote Amazon products and services, and in return, you will be paid a base commission of 4%.

Here, you are given personal links to use while recommending a product on your website. when the visitors click these links and make a purchase; you are eligible for the commission.

Among all the affiliate programs, Amazon’s affiliate program is quite popular among bloggers in generating a good income.


Experienced bloggers generally have a Premium or Business Plan with WordPress.com, which is considered to be one of the easiest ways to get started with a networking model like WordAds.

This works phenomenally with famous Ad publishers such as Facebook Audience Networks, Amazon A9, and Google AdSense, and others. Here you receive a cut of the Ad’s profit along with the network.

Sell Private Ads:

When your blog received a large amount of traffic, advertisers may approach you to place their ads on your blog or website. Since there are no middlemen, you can set your rates.

These private ads come in the form of banners, or links. You can also generate money by writing sponsored posts wherein you write a review about the advertiser’s product.

Here, the advertised pay you when the buyer mentions your content. You can also charge a one-time fee for the link within a post. 

Selling physical and digital products:

By using your blog, you can convert it into an e-commerce platform by making as an online store and start selling products. If you own a travel blog, you can sell T-Shirts with your logo.

On the other hand, you can sell a digital guidebook for some exotic destinations. Though users may not travel now, they can make use of the book for future reference.

Of course, you should have adequate stocks while selling physical goods and handle taxes as per local needs. 

Selling Services:

Like selling a physical product, you can also sell the intangible ‘services’ by using your blog. Such selling of services includes graphic design, copywriting, photography, and many more.

The process of selling is the same as the process of selling products. You can make use of platforms like WordPress.com, WooCommerce Store, which are popular in the web world. For all these activities you can charge a retainer fee from the clients.

Be a consultant blogger:

If you are an experienced blogger or a new blogger in a specialized area of expertise, you can earn money through your blogs. All you need to get paid is offering comments, pieces of advice on your niche area.

However, this resource may not work in all niches but can work in some specialized areas like health care, production management, geological surveys, and so on. 

Create Quality Content:

When content is the King, quality content is a Super King. High-quality content always attracts good traffic. Remember the fact that your readers, whether they click on your ads or buying your products, always keep your readers first and make quality content.

Here content not only means texts but also includes your videos, images, and so on. When you get high traffic through excellent content, the money will flow automatically. 


When your blog itself involves training or coaching services, you can still Make Money From Blogs by conducting online tutorials on a chargeable basis. You can also offer specialized coaching packages to students, especially in this pandemic period where regular school classes are shut down due to COVID-19.

This is a useful resource for students who are not access to online courses conducted by schools. This is one of the blog monetization strategies that is pretty used in these challenging times. If you are a freelancing corporate trainer, you can use this platform to generate income. 


When your blog has excellent quality and attracts more readers who are keen on joining for the paid membership, your rich content can generate decent revenue over the long run. By getting regular subscriptions, you are sure to add good revenue to your income stream. 

All the above-referred resources have been thoroughly tested, and a large section of bloggers have tasted profit after implementing them which are suited to their blogs.

Besides these resources, one can find more help as the opportunities of earning through blogs are gaining momentum in many ways. 

Final Word

that being said about some useful tips on how to Make Money From Blogs, it is assumed that the above-referred list has made a newcomer thinking about some ways to monetize a blog. All you need to do is try and make your blog into a hobby into a start-up business. Best Wishes!

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