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Hostinger Review (Nov 2020) Is It Good Option For You

hostinger hosting review
Image Source Hostinger

Hostinger Review

Hostinger review reveals the fact that it is a well-designed Web Host available for beginners at very many affordable rates.

They have implemented many initiatives and features for amazing service levels. The Company has millions of satisfied customers spread across more than 168 countries.

They promise to help their users to create, learn, and grow their network successfully. Read further to understand if Hostinger is suitable for your official website. 

Hosting Features

Hostinger is an intelligent web host service for both fresher and professional, And it comes with lots of features. here is below insights. 

Speedy loading time

Speed could be considered as the most important component for keeping your web-accessible and alive. Without speedy hosting service businesses and other ventures will surely lose its reputation and extinguish.

Especially those who are practicing small businesses cherish even a single amount of sale. Therefore, they cannot afford to lose their precious customers because of the slow production of web hosting. 

Usually, a client who clicks into your website will be interested in collecting data as soon as possible with the waiting time not exceeding 5 seconds. Hostinger provides a responsive time of within 300 to 400 milliseconds, which is extremely fabulous. 

Decent Uptime 

Another factor that you need to check in the web hosting service is sufficient uptime price rates. Hostinger does not possess the most powerful uptime rates but at the same time, they are not the lowest also. 

Customers prefer an uptime to be delivered at 99.9 percentages for a year. According to hostinger review, there are times when they provide very low uptime of 99.04 and also sometimes to the highest Uptime ranging from 99.04 percent to 100 percentage extensively. Therefore their average is fluctuating but promising for sure. 

If you are a small business owner with an official website receiving a minimum client’s traffic, then Hostinger provides the best solution for your uptime needs.

But if you are not prepared to experience even the least downtime in a year for your business, then this service might not be your best choice. 

Guaranteed Money-back  

One attractive feature that makes Hostinger a perfect choice is this guaranteed refund of money offered to its valuable customers if they are not satisfied with their services within 30 days period of time of signing up. 

This feature could be considered as the ultimate reason for those who are confused about their choices.

It gives them an irresistible opportunity to test the quality of their web hosting services within a limited period with a money-back offer.

The 30 day trial period is a very promising offer, which helps you understand your needs and their services.

Hostinger Templates 

Hostinger website builder is a wonderful pick for those with a desire to improve their website. If you are searching for affordable web hosting services, then this could be considered as the only solution.

The Hostinger Templates is an intelligent web hosting service provider of domains and builder of successful websites. 

Customer support 

One essential quality of the best web hosting service is its ability to provide optimum support to its precious customers. Inky satisfied customers are true reward and mark of quality service. 

However, Hostinger customer service is good as they respond faster. Every customer can easily approach them and will be responded within one minute.

The officials are very responsive and explain any queries in simple, clear, and detailed explanations. Similarly, Hostinger has provided rich content on its web pages that provides resources for guidance to the customers to accomplish a self-help strategy.

Free Domain and Website Builder

The entire plans offered by the Hostinger Web Hosting service are available along with free Domain and Website builder. If you are a beginner then you can make good advantage of this incredible experience. They are loaded with plenty of fantastic templates for utilizing them during initial stages respectively.

Simple dashboard interface

Hostinger Hosting dashboard
Image Source Hostinger

The administration dashboard introduced by Hostinger is super simple and easy to be used. Even if you are fresh and inexperienced in website building techniques, you will find hostinger hosting review extremely easy and straightforward to customize.

Large chunks of icons neatly segmented into diverse categories, helps the users to easily and quickly choose your desired performance. 

You can easily access and synch with your other applications like the Word Press from the website dashboard itself. 

With a single click, you can easily manage your email settings, upgrade to a better plan, change your domain name, and other factors without any flaws.

The dashboard offers statistics of usage, to easily calculate the progress made by your website because of the current plan you have signed up for. 

Plans and offers

Hostinger has implemented some extraordinary and unlimited choices exclusively available for certain plans. For example, if you choose the Business and Premium hosting plans, then you will be eligible for unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited bandwidth as attractive offers.

Therefore, it is wise to choose a premium plan to benefit from the entry-level exciting pricing and offers. The freebies and unlimited offers make every web hosting plan worth more superior and perfect.

Solid web hosting services 

Hostinger might not be a stellar hosting service provider, but it is surely loaded with awesome features and offers at very cheap price rates.

Therefore, you can consider Hostinger to a medium and decent quality web hosting service provider available across the globe.

You will be credited with endless opportunities and expansion in your business because of the Uptime service. Similarly, customer service is solid and superior as they respond quicker and better. 


One of the chief benefits enjoyed by Hostinger customers is its affordability. If you are interested in cheaper web hosting services, then this could be your ultimate destination.

Therefore it is recommended by Hostinger as a high-powered web hosting service provider with quality services offered by a dedicated team of professionals and servers along with the most promising plans at cheaper prices. All these features make Hostinger an irresistible choice for the customers!

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