Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars Of 2020

Highest Paid YouTubers

Some of the world’s most successful YouTubers rack up millions of views a day, and thanks to sponsorships, ad revenue, and appearances that can translate pretty directly into really, really hefty paychecks. These are some of the top earners on YouTube, in case you need any more persuasion. 

#10 Jeffree Star – $15 Million

Jeffree Star
Image Source: Instagram/jeffreestar

The beauty star has been caught up in controversy. His self-described past racist behavior and allegations of sexual assault, which he denies, as well as a years-long feud with fellow YouTuber James Charles, have caused some business ramifications, including the decision by retailer Morphe to stop selling his line. Regardless, he still clocked more than half a billion views in our time period.

Even more lucrative than his YouTube channel, though, is his makeup line, which he sells direct-to-consumer. One of his most recent collections, Blood Money, features $52 eyeshadows and $18 lip balms, and his popular Conspiracy Collection, launched last year, reportedly sold 1 million eyeshadow palettes in 30 minutes.

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#9 David Dobrik – $15.5 Million

David Dobrik
Image Source: Facebook

A 23-year-old YouTuber by the name of David Dobrik was recently named Generation Z’s favorite social media personality in a survey from financial analyst firm Piper Jaffray.

He’s been a hit there, too, accumulating 24.7 million followers. Brands dig Dobrik’s humor, and he’s won corporate sponsorships from SeatGeek, Bumble, EA and others. His devoted audience has led to a thriving apparel business (shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants), much of it sold under an amusingly self-aware brand name, Clickbait.

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