GreenGeeks Hosting Review: Environment-Friendly Hosting


GreenGeek web hosting site was founded in 2007 and today the hosting site has over 300,000 websites. The GreenGeek hosting site has become a more famous and popular brand in the WordPress hosting industry because of the fast performance and environmentally friendly platform. 

The GreenGeek hosting site is considered environmentally friendly as it offsets 300% of carbon from the energy they use.

The Greengeek hosting got an excellent review from the customer side as they are different kinds of plans that will be suitable for beginners to large companies.

The site is providing advanced and useful features at an affordable price.

5 best things about GreenGeek Site:

1- Go Green

Every web hosting site will have data centers all around the world and it will have a stack of servers. These servers will consume a lot of energy to prevent them from overheating.

But in the GreenGeek site, they replace three times the energy they consume. The energy-saving process is done by purchasing the wind energy credits to offset the carbon output by their servers.

Because of this they won several environmental awards and also recently they shifted their office to Toronto as there they can experience free cooling.

2- Fast Performance

The most important thing we notice in the hosting site is the host server speed and the GreenGeek hosting site offers you excellent speed across the board.

The GreenGeek has a worldwide coverage so it can deliver the speed wherever their customer is based.

The site got the highest grade in the terms of speed and the site is faster than 94% of all the tested sites.

3- Best place for beginners and experts

The other most popular and famous feature is the user interface. Control Panel is the industry’s most favorite as it can be easily handled by the beginners and the experts and the GreenGeek site is using the C-panel.

The hosting site incorporates the thumbnail view of different SitePad themes into the C-panel to make the site easy use for beginners.

Another important thing to consider is using the C-panel you can also install a lot of software.

4- Data Privacy

A lot of malware attacks will be conducted in the hosting sites, so data privacy is the important thing to consider and also many of the hosting sites didn’t provide that.

But the GreenGeek hosting site offers excellent data security services and they help to keep your website secured. 

They offer 24/7 security and they use SSL encryption technology to provide high security for the data.

In case of any malware attack noted, then they will notify its customers and the authorities within 72 hours.

100% guaranteed satisfaction

You can go through the reviews of the GreenGeek hosting site to know that this the best hosting site and here the customer satisfaction matters the most.

After starting, if you don’t like the service then they return your money as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also refund your hosting fees if you feel that you didn’t get satisfied with their services. 

GreenGeek Hosting Review

The GreenGeek hosting site may be small compared to the other web hosting sites but they have a variety of plans and domains at a lower price and they also offer free domain while starting. From the reviews of the GreenGeek hosting site, it is clear that this is the only website that provides both budget-friendly and environmental-friendly features. So if you are a person who wants to grow your business in the market and also take care of the environment then this GreenGeek hosting site is the best place. 

GreenGeek Hosting Plans:

The plans offered by the GreenGeek hosting site are shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated server hosting. Along with the plans they also offer you free website migration services. Even the basic plans of the GreenGeek hosting website contain all the necessary features that are needed for a fast and secure website.

When compared the shared hosting and WordPress hosting both have the same features but WordPress has some additional features like fast loading, automatic security updates, and security scanners.

The shared hosting site comes in the three categories, such as Ecosite Starter, Ecosite Pro, and Ecosite Premium. From these plans, the Ecosite Premium will come with a high CPU, memory, and resources.

No matter, whatever plan you are choosing you will get unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, and SSD storage. Initially, you can start with the basic plan and after that, you can upgrade the plan features.  


  • GreenGeek is the only web hosting company that provide high values for both the business and for the environment. By choosing this website you can also support the environment by hosting your sites
  • GreenGeek site offers you all kind of features that are needed for a website at the very lower price
  • They have a highly experienced and professional staff in the customer department to answer all the client’s queries by offering the best service


  • If you experience any kind of problems from the midnight to early morning hours, then you need to connect through chat or email as the GreenGeek hosting site doesn’t provide a 24/7 phone support
  • If you choose the payment for a year or more then you won’t have a setup fee. But for the monthly fee, there is a setup fee of $15

Is GreenGeek hosting site right for you?

GreenGeek’s site has a good review among the customer as their hosting plans have a good value and also they are having some plans for renewable energy. If your business wants a stable web hosting site then you can prefer GreenGeek hosting site as they have excellent reliability, customer support, innovations, and uptime.

In their website, they use Solid State RAID-10 and the latest technologies like free CDN, PowerCache, and so on to improve the speed of their pages and also to increase the redundancy. After going through all the reviews of the GreenGeek hosting site, it is concluded that the site hosts well-rounded websites for any kind of business especially the small business sites.

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