Best 5 Free Online Courses To Learn Big Data in 2021

Free big data course

If you are thinking of learning big data and starting your big data journey and looking for great free resources such as books, tutorials, courses, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will share some of the best free online big data courses for Java, Scala, and Python developers. If you are not sure what Apache Spark (big data) is, let us start with a quick overview of why it is so important in the big data world.

Apache Spark is another cluster computing framework like Hadoop used to analyze large datasets, but it’s much faster than Hadoop , so today’s sophistication, such as processing large amounts of data Ideal for various computing needs.

One of the challenges when working with large amounts of data is speed, as it can take hours or days to train machine-learning algorithms using real-world data.

If you run, a comparison to the memory calculates the Hadoop 100 times, from the disk Map Reduce when running 10-fold speed it will provide.

These free Apache courses only teach basic concepts such as why you need Apache Spark What if you have Hadoop.Alternatively, learn how Apache Spark gets the lighting speed, and major Apache Spark abstractions such as Resilient Distributed Dataset and RDD.

By the way, if you ‘re willing to spend a few dollars learning valuable skills like big data, Spark, Hadoop, etc., I highly recommend checking out Apache Spark with Scala — Hands-on with Big Data as well . Of course to Frank Kane Udemy.

It is also not very expensive and can be purchase for just $ 9.9 for the occasional Crazy Udemy sale.

Top 5 Free Big Data Courses for Programmers to Learn in 2021

Big data and Apache Spark are language agnostic, so we have prepared courses for Java,Scala, and Python developers. All currently is free, especially after achieving promotion goals, the instructor is to convert the free Udemy course to pay course because there is it, forever and free it is not guarantee either.

Even if you do not have time to learn, you should join now. When you join them, they will be free for the rest of your life and you can learn on your own schedule.

1. Spark Starter Kit

This is one of the best courses to start with Apache Spark. This is because it corresponds to the basics you want to learn. As the author claims, this course is better than some paid courses in Apache Spark, and he is a bit right.

It tries to answer many of the Apache Spark questions that are often ask on Stack Overflow and other forums. For example, why do you need Apache Spark if you are using Hadoop, what is the difference between Apache Spark and Hadoop? How does Apache Spark achieve faster calculations? What is RDD abstraction and so on?

2. Scala and Spark 2

If you are a Scala developer and are interested in Apache Spark, this is the right course for you. This course will show you how to use IntelliJ IDEA to develop applications with Scala and Spark.

In this course, Java and the JDK, the IntelliJ IDEA is install; the Apache Spark IDEA and integration by, you will learn how to set up a local development environment.

3. Hadoop platform and application framework

It is an introduction to major Hadoop components such as HDFS, YARN, Squoop and waterways, sparks such as full hands-on, map reduction, hive, pig, HBase

Books, free sparks for Python developers, of course. More than 12 hands-on examples of big data analysis using PySpark and the Spark library by learning Python with Apache Spark below.

Let us start with an overview of the Apache Spark architecture to understand the main abstractions of Apache Spark: RDD or Resilient distributed datasets, large amounts of read-only data.

The best part of this course is the aggregation of NASA Apache weblogs from various sources, examining California real estate data to investigate price trends, using median salaries of developers from different countries, and more. A real-life example of big data. Stack Overflow survey data.

4. Python and Spark

As I said before, one of the big challenges in learning big data is to set up your own local development environment.

After completing this course, you can take other Python and Apache Spark courses to learn more.

5. Apache Spark Basics

If you want to start Apache Spark from scratch, this Pluralsight course is very useful. Learn why you cannot use Hadoop to analyze big data today and how Apache Spark’s speed can help you handle the latest big data.

In this course, to better learn the Apache Spark Core API, we will start with a history before creating a Wikipedia analytics application and learn Spark from a group.

Understanding the Apache Spark Core library, Spark library, such as streaming and SQLAPI also describes you.

Finally, you will also learn what to avoid when working with Apache Spark. Overall, it is a good course to start with Apache Spark.

By the way, this course is not completely free. Access to this course requires a Pluralsight membership of approximately $ 29 per month, but you will have access to over 5,000 courses on a variety of technologies.

If you do not have Pluralsight membership, you can also take this course free by signing up for a 10-day free trial.

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