Dreamhost Review – Is It Good (Nov 2020) Here Is The Truth

Dreamhost reviews
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Dreamhost Review (Nov 2020)

Choosing the Dreamhost hosting service that is an award-winning hosting service for your website to flourish is a fascinating experience.

The DreamHost hosting review reveals that DreamHost has been providing their services for more than twenty years and has gained millions of customers across the globe. 

What are the services rendered by DreamHost

The DreamHost hosting recommends this service provider as they offer their precious customers multiple beneficial services such as the installation of WordPress with a single click, customizable dashboard, updates for WordPress installed automatically, free SSD for providing faster website listing, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited space. Users can also obtain a domain freely with zero setup costs.

You will find it a perfect choice as they help in managing & growing your official website skillfully. They have won many prestigious awards and titles for their web hosting services.

DreamHost provides everything your website needs for starting your web site along with a free domain with perfectly tailored annual plans.

Special features of Dreamhost

1- Free Uptime

One attractive feature according to the hosting review is that this Hosting Service offers guaranteed Uptime of 100% for the clients using its diverse plans. 

2- Speed

DreamHost offers drives of solid-state on VPS and shared plans exclusively, which helps in increasing reliability and speed. 

3- Domain 

They provide more than 275 varieties of extensions for the customers. You can browse through the collections and pick the perfect choice of domain for your website. 

4- Customer satisfaction 

The DreamHost offers 24/7 customer support services for answering their queries and supporting them. However, the live chats are accessible throughout the week between 5 am to 10 pm respectively. 

5- Email  

Almost every web hosting plan introduced by DreamHost plans is designed for clients to enjoy easy accessibility, by including and possessing unlimited email addresses.  

6- Cloud 

DreamHost understands the importance of the safest security and quick accessibility to their precious data. Therefore you can easily 

7- Easy installation 

This hosting review confirms the fact that it provides installation of Word Press the most recommended virtual application, and other similar applications such as Wix, Shopify, etc. with just a single click 

8- Controls

The functional control system is designed in a way that even starters can use it without any complications. Therefore the whole working mechanism of the data is controlled intelligently. 

9- Installation 

The extraordinary quality of services has earned DreamHost to help the installation of WordPress applications for more than 750,000 satisfied customers across the globe. 

10- Unlimited bandwidth 

Another attractive feature of the DreamHost is that it provides unlimited bandwidth for transferring and uploading data to your official website and also shares without any interruptions.

Review of Dreamhost Plans

dreamhost pricing
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DreamHost has introduced a diverse range of web hosting services exclusively tailored to provide a premium quality e-commerce experience for the customers. Let us analyze the plans and their strategic objectives according to a genuine DreamHost review. 

1- Shared Web Hosting 

dreamhost shared hosting price
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The Shared Web Hosting plans could be a perfect choice for those business owners who are searching for affordable choices.

This plan refers to the sharing of RAM and CPU, resources from websites, and servers extensively.

Sharing Hosting is the basic plan offered by DreamHost but in case you can afford more, then you can always upgrade to better plans with more benefits. There are two Shared Hosting-

  • Shared starter plans with a price range up to $5 per month with a commitment of storage without email and unlimited transfers of data offered for a single year.
  • Shared Unlimited plan offers storage of data along with emails and unlimited Web Hosting services. 

2- VSP Hosting 

dreamhost vps hosting price
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The VPS hosting plan is a wonderful choice for those who own a large business and are searching for a powerful server.

DreamHost provides for its customers four exclusively designed plans that are based on Linux.

These plans are built with fewer shared virtual spaces and therefore, can operate with more power and flexibility.

DreamHost VPS plans provide unlimited domains and data transfers every month with faster-hosting choices. 

3- Dedicated Web Hosting

dreamhost dedicated server price
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If you own a large business and are looking for a hosting plan that can manage increased traffic on your website, then a Dedicated Web Hosting plan is perfect for you.

Thus considers it is an expensive plan that is provided by DreamHost and is a fascinating choice for skillfully managing heavy traffic of clients, agencies, and resellers, etc.

This plan is crafted to offer extremely powerful web hosting services with 240GB and 64GB storage capabilities and unlimited transfers of data. 

5- WordPress Web Hosting 

dreamhost wordpress hosting price
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DreamHost introduced the Web Hosting services that are managed by the WordPress hosting service provider.

It helps you to perform everyday backups, WordPress protection for the precious data, and updates automatically the content management system software.

The basic level DreamHost’s WordPress hosting service commences from $16.95 every month and is well equipped with unlimited storage capacity with emails, 30GB capacity drives, transfers of data to clients with a limit of 100,000 per month. 

4- Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a marvelous hosting service that helps in transferring rich resources from a particular server to multiple numbers of servers across the globe.

DreamHost provides three different categories of Cloud Hosting with 8GB RAM, 2GB RAM, and 512GB RAM through Windows and Linux Based Servers.

6- Reselling Hosting Plans 

Reselling Hosting Plans is considered the perfect independent reselling hosting plan. According to the review, this plan will help you to be responsible solely for managing the different accounts of your clients.

You will be given accessibility to sending directly the billing charges for your customers. It will be your responsibility to provide support to your customers and also guide them to tackle technical problems skillfully.

But this plan does not give rights for you to re-brand the DreamHost services and follow the instructions properly. 


DreamHost provides an attractive package of simple, easy, and transparency hosting service plans. The affordable choices of promising hosting plans without any expensively aggressive upsells.

Therefore, DreamHost review considers it as the perfect choice and great value for your hard-earned money. You will be benefiting from powerful speed, reliable quality of uptime, and excellent customer support services. Good luck!

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