11 Best Free Business Name Generator

2- Freshbooks business name generator

Freshbooks business name generator
Image Source Freshbooks

Freshbooks’ business generator is a perfect tool that suggests many suggestions. It designs business name ideas related to both the business and industry.

3- Oberlo business name generator

Oberlo business name generator
Image Source Oberlo

Oberlo contains a free business name generator that comes up with a hundred options for you within a short time. All you are supposed to do s to type in a word related to your business and press the “generate” button.

Additionally, oberlo gives you a warning against copyright infringement. You do not pay for the service, and there is no limitation as to the number of times you can use the business name generator.

4- Businessnamegenerator.com

Image Source BNG

As the name suggests, the business name generator works with many words at a go; you can instantly check the business name available with GoDaddy.

Unlike many simple generators, Business Name Generator offers different filters such as character counts, word counts, and industry. You can save what you are searching for and make a list of favorites for a later review.

5- Namelix name generator

Namelix name generator
Image Source Namelix

Namelix is a modern touch name generator. Their technical algorithm gives you a chance of entering a word from which it gives you a set of filters such as branding style, preferred name length, and naming style.

Immediately after your filters have been selected, namelix gives you the name and logo options. You can register a domain directly from the website.

6- Brandroot name generator

Brandroot name generator
Image Source Brandroot

Brandroot gives you many options, including fifty various categories of industries, unplanned names, influencing names, and findings using keywords.

It is one of the best business name generators in the industry. You can search by cost; the more you are prepared to spend on a business name, the many choices you will have.

Some of the names given will also show you a font design or logo. The site assesses each option for mass appeal and potential recognition.

Always remember to be smart, consider your domain name simultaneously, and make a shortlist before deciding what will best suit your needs at the end.

7- Name4brands

Name4brands Name Generator
Image Source Name4brands

It gives you a few tools to help you in finding the correct business name. When it comes to making a decision about the number of words your business should have, two words are perfect one according to branding, but this does not necessarily mean you should have two words, but it is an essential factor to have in mind.

You can choose from the eighteen languages, the letter each word should begin with, and how many words in the name, random names, and various other options. You can also encounter matching domain names through this site then check for availability.

8- Mithril and images

Mithril and images business name generator
Image Source MAI

The name should not fool you; this site is not a primary generator. Instead, it gives you categories and subcategories where you are to choose from.

When you have filled the different drop-down boxes, you will be given several potential business names.

You can choose from many options like hotels, medieval names, street names, fantasy names, fantasy suggestions, criminal history, and so on.

Interact with some of the suggested groupings that have a relation with your business until when you get the best for your purpose.

9- Rhymer

Rhymer name generator
Image Source Rhymer

This is a business name generator that uses different forms of rhyming. It still performs the work for you, but it offers names that you may not have considered even after searching into other sites.

There are six rhyming types to select from; you will also see the top ten rhyming words and select any that begins with any letter or alphabet. If you need a more technical version of a rhymer, you need to pay a small one-off fee.

10- Brandbucket

Brandbucket business name generator
Image Source Brandbucket

This one gives you many choices that have been selected before a team of experts worldwide.

You can select invented words, keywords or all words, and later on, you will see a range of potential names for your business with prices that are within your budget.

11- Panabee

Panabee name generator
Image Source Panabee

This one will give you a few ways of finding a suitable business name. Begin with your two keywords and then check the results. You may be lucky to find something directly and have several ways of expanding your searches.

You can use this site for a domain name by splitting your results in half. Try to customize your list to search for various extensions, variations on your main words, and comparing suggestions through social media to see what is available and suitable.

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In conclusion, there is more than what is mentioned in this article regarding the company business generator.

While likes of Shopify and oberlo offer free name generators, several of them online differ in the degree to which they enable you with your selection process.

Additionally, all business name generators provide you plenty of names that you can consider. Take your sweet time and decide since you want to get it right from the beginning.

You might not want to decide in a year or two, after all the work that you do, that you want to change the name.

That sounds crazy since you will lose all the hard work you have put into building the business recognition around that name.

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